Social Inclusion Forum #SIF2016

14 Sep 2016


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The Social Inclusion Forum took place today. Community Work Ireland and EAPN Ireland organised a series of workshops to support participation in the Social Inclusion Forum and to identify areas of concern to people affected by poverty and the organisations working with them.

in the Key messages to the Social Inclusion Forum 2016 #SIF2016 from the preparation workshops for today there were concerns expressed around the governments goals to end poverty but in reality lone parents & children were impacted severly by the last few budgets and grass-root organisations have been damaged by funding-cuts  #endpoverty
Community Work Ireland and European Anti-Poverty Network Irelandorganise the workshops to identify the issues of concern to people affected by poverty

other Key messages to the Social Inclusion Forum 2016 #SIF2016 were around Employment opportunities and the difficulty of finding ANY job in certain rural areas, let alone a well-paid job. This situation is even more difficult for Lone-parents, Travellers and Migrants All Together in Dignity - ATD Ireland European Anti-Poverty Network Ireland Migrant Rights Centre Ireland Pavee Point

about CE, RSS and Tus schemes, the consensus was there was a lack of support finding the best one for the individual, also a lack of continuity with the schemes ending after a year and the additional payment did not cover the costs of childcare, transport etc however the Rural Social Scheme was one highlighted as working for the participants and the communities.
"unemployment leads you into a rut. At least a scheme (CE/TUS) gets you physically & mentally ready for work. What a pity they are only for a year"Department of Social Protection #SIF2016 #endpoverty

#SIF2016 the main barriers to work for unemployed people were the lack of affordable, accessible childcare and transport services. Both are acting as serious deterrents to many people trying to take-up employment
suggested #Ireland needs a National Employment and Career Development Strategy and that Department of Social Protection acts as a service provider rather than only imposing sanctions as was highlighted "the department is more focused on sanctions now, individuals have to follow instructions exactly or they face payments being reduced"#endpovertyireland #SocialInclusionForum2016

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to read the Social Inclusion Forum report please click here