INOU Post Budget Analysis 2003


Whilst recognising the current climate, the INOU still believed it was possible for the government to deliver a meaningful and decisive Budget. that would make a sustainable and significant impact on the lives of unemployed people and their dependants. However, this was not the case.
This Budget analysis contrasts the INOU demands against what was delivered in Budget 2003.


  • The meagre increase of €6 falls far short of the INOU demand for €11.20
  • The qualified adult rate remains at 66% of the adult rate.
  • No alteration in the Child Dependant Allowance
  • Marginal increase in the BSCFA for the over 12 year olds but no increase for children under 12 years.
  • No increase in the income limits for the retention of secondary benefits.
  • FIS income limit raised by only €17
  • Increase in personal tax credits by €140 to €800