Brid O'Brien

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Brid5Brid O'Brien, INOU Head of Policy and Media

Setting the Context: A Policy Overview



Bríd O’Brien, INOU Head of Policy and Media

Bríd plays a key role in formulating and developing INOU policy on unemployment, social welfare and the development of an inclusive and equitable labour market. On behalf of the INOU Brid works with colleagues in the Community and Voluntary Sector on issues of socio-economic justice; and is one of the Community and Voluntary Pillar representatives on the National Economic and Social Council. Bríd was appointed to the Council of the Economics and Social Research Institute in September 2012; and represents the INOU in on a range of committees including the Labour Market Council which was established in September 2013; and, since March 2017, the City of Dublin Education and Training Board. She is also a member of the INOU's Senior Management team and acts as the Media spokesperson. Prior to working with the INOU in January 2007, Bríd worked with Pavee Point Travellers Centre on policy, legislative and project development covering economic issues, equality, and social inclusion. In the course of this work Bríd worked in partnership with a range of government and non-government organisations at the local, national and European levels.