This section of the website houses relevant information about the projects that the INOU undertakes.

Projects like the Welfare to Work Development project have been integrated into the daily workings of the INOU and continue on an ongoing basis. Some projects are solely INOU initiated and funded seeking to address particular topics facing the unemployed, while other projects include a number of project partners from other organisations or networks with similar aims and concerns as the INOU. This section of the website is not only a place to archive the activity of the INOU in undertaking such projects but is also a place where INOU members, affiliates and the public can be informed of the project work of the INOU. Where possible, information and links to how someone can become involved in the work of these projects will be detailed in the individual project pages. All recommendations and reports that arise from these projects will reside on the relevant project page and we hope you will find this a useful facility.