Economics and Poverty Manual

Economics and Poverty: what are the links?

Publication cover - poverty_links.pdf The INOU worked with the Combat Poverty Agency and the National Women's Council of Ireland to produce a manual entitled 'Economics and Poverty - the links'. The CPA published this document in November 2007 as part of their 'Having Your Say Programme'.

Mary Murphy and Deirdre Quinlan were commissioned to write the manual and its purpose is "to increase the understanding and policy analysis capacity of anti-poverty community and voluntary organisations on the relationship between poverty and economics."

The manual is in three parts, and each contains two chapters. The first part is entitled: 'What is economics?' and chapters 2 & 3 cover 'defining economics and the economy'; and 'economic systems'.

The first part is called: 'Who gets what?' and chapters 4 & 5 cover 'income, poverty and wealth'; and 'work and unemployment'.

The third part entitled: 'The role of government' and chapters 6 & 7 cover 'EU politics, the Budget, inflation control' and 'Taxation and public expenditure'.

The INOU received funding from the CPA to promote this manual to our affiliates and others working on issues of economic and social exclusion.

Economics and Poverty the Links We undertook this work by running four workshops. The target audience for two of the workshops were trainers and / or co-ordinators. These workshops gave participants an opportunity to try out the manual for themselves and how it could act as a resource to their own work. In these workshops chapters 2, 3 and 6 were used as the resource materials.

The other two workshops were targeted at information providers in affiliated and other organisations. These workshops presented people with an opportunity to explore the policy context of the information they provide and how decisions are made on what types of supports are made available by the government. Chapters 4, 5 and 7 formed the bases of these workshops.

All of the workshop projects have now been completed.