Budget 2023


Cost of Living Measures - February 2023:

The following were announced as part of Cost of Living measures announced by the government on 21st February 2023. For more information on the full range of measures please visit: https://www.gov.ie/en/press-release/dc139-government-announces-new-cost-of-living-measures-for-families-businesses-and-the-most-vulnerable/

Child Benefit

  • A lump sum child benefit payment of €100 per child - June 2023

Back to Schools Clothing and Footwear Allowance

  • A once-off €100 increase in the Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance - July 2023

Lump Sum Payment

  • A second lump sum of €200 to be paid to people on the Working Family Payment, lone parents, low-income families, carers, those on disability payments, and pensioners among others - April 2023


Summary of Changes - applies in 2022:


October 2022


  • Autumn cost of living double payment will be paid to most people who get a weekly social welfare payment including all pensioners, carers and people on disability payments


November 2022

  • €400 cost of living lump sum Fuel Allowance payment to all households getting the Fuel Allowance
  • €200 cost of living lump sum payment for pensioners and people with a disability getting the Living Alone Increase
  • €500 cost of living lump sum payment to all families getting the Working Family Payment
  • double payment of Child Benefit to support all families with children
  • €500 cost of living lump sum payment for people getting Carer's Support Grant will be paid in November
  • €500 cost of living lump sum disability support grant will be paid to all people getting a long term disability payment


December 2022

  • Christmas Bonus double payment will be paid to 1.3 million welfare recipients including pensioners, carer’s and people with disabilities


Other Changes:

Supports for Jobseekers

  • from January 2023 there will be an increase of €12 in maximum personal weekly rate of jobseekers payments.
  • there will be proportionate increases for qualified adults and for people getting a reduced rate
  • qualified child payments will increase by €2 in January 2023 bringing them to €50 for over 12s and €42 for under 12s
  • Autumn cost of living double payment paid to all recipients of jobseekers’ payments, to be paid in October 2022
  • Christmas Bonus double payment to all people getting a long term jobseeker payment


Electricity Credit

  • Electricity credits will be provided for all households totalling
  • The credits will total €600 will be paid in three instalments of €200.
  • The first Electricity Credit payment will be made before Christmas, with two further instalments in the New Year.


Budget Information and Fact Sheet: