Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions:


A redundancy occurs when you lose your job due to a reduction in staff numbers at work or business closure. This can be due to lack of finances within the business, lack of available work or because the business is closing down completely.

Where a person has been made statutorily redundant, i.e. where an employee's job no longer exists and they are not replaced having worked for the same employer for 2 years or more and receive an RP50 form, they would normally have enough PRSI contributions to qualify for a Jobseeker’s Benefit payment.

This arises when an employer requires fewer workers and asks for employees to volunteer for redundancy. An employee who takes voluntary redundancy from their job will not be disqualified from claiming Jobseeker’s Benefit and will retain entitlement to their full term of Jobseeker’s Benefit if they satisfy the conditions for the scheme.

Voluntary Severance / Voluntary Separation occur when an employer asks for staff to voluntarily depart from or leave the employment of a company. A voluntary severance does not constitute a redundancy. This is because that job may continue to exist even after the person who accepted the voluntary severance has left the company.

You may not automatically qualify for a Jobseeker’s Benefit / Jobseeker’s Allowance payment if you accept voluntary severance / voluntary separation. This is because you will have in effect ‘voluntarily’ made yourself unemployed.

Any monies received from a voluntary severance will be assessed as ‘means’ for the purpose of the means test for qualification for Jobseeker’s Allowance and Supplementary Welfare Allowance (SWA).

Voluntary severance payments are not tax-free payments and are subject to normal tax assessment.

This a form is filled in by an Employer where a redundancy situation exists. It is agreed on and signed by an employee. The form is then sent into the  Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection by the Employer. Please note that the RP50 Form is processed by the  Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.

An RP6 form is used if you wish to leave before the end of your notice of redundancy. An employee completes the form and gives it to their employer (who can decide whether or not to allow the employees request). Leaving prior to this agreement could affect your entitlement to a redundancy payment.