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Fazzi Healthcare Services

Address: Deloitte & Touche House,
Charlotte's Quay,

LIMERICK WILL SEE 300 new jobs created over the next five years by a medical coding company Massachusetts-based firm Fazzi Healthcare Services is setting up a new healthcare services and coding centre in the city, it announced this morning

Medical coding is the transformation of healthcare diagnoses, treatments, procedures, outcomes and services into universal medical alphanumeric codes, known as ICD Today’s news comes after a €500 million investment in the city was announced on Monday.Limerick Twenty Thirty Strategic Development, a special purpose vehicle set up by the local authority, has been tasked with delivering over €500 million worth of investment infrastructure across four strategic sites

It is hoped the the venture will create more than 5,000 jobs over the next five years, transforming the cityA statement said that Denis Brosnan, who previously led the giant Kerry group food business, will head up the Limerick Twenty Thirty company as executive chairman.The firm will prioritise the redevelopment of 1.4 million sq ft of prime real estate across the four selected sites, and will look to deliver state-of-the-art office, retail, residential, education and commercial space.

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No of jobs: 300
Job title: IT
Jobs take effect: over next five years

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