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Kilkenny and Carlow ETB

Address: Cartoon Saloon,The Maltings, Tilbury Pl, Gardens, Kilkenny

KCETB are currently recruiting for a NEW Career Traineeship with Cartoon Saloon - Animation Studio Assistant.

The Animation Studio Assistant Career Traineeship is an innovative partnership between Cartoon Saloon and Kilkenny and Carlow ETB.

Cartoon Saloon is a traditional style animation studio specializing in the production of 2-D animation. Based in Kilkenny, and established in 1999 as an informal partnership between a group of animators brought together by Paul Young, Nora Twomey and Tomm Moore, Cartoon Saloon has grown into a multi-award winning animation and illustration design studio. It has been nominated in the Oscars animation category for Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea. They recently launched an exciting new partnership with a Canadian company Mercury Film Works, Lighthouse Studios.

This work based learning model is facilitated by industry identifying their needs and skills shortages and KCETB delivering a specific training programme based on the companies need.

Learners participating on this programme will develop key industry knowledge skills and competencies equipping them to access employment in the industry. The programme is delivered through workplace learning and a classroom environment. Learners are supported at all times by the Company and KCETB.

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No of jobs: 140
Job title: Studio Assistant Career Traineeship
Jobs take effect: next two years