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Address: ArcLabs Research & Innovation Centre
WIT West Campus
Carriganore WATERFORD

Transit software company RouteMatch has crossed the Atlantic, from Georgia in the US, to expand its R&D team in Waterford. 25 new roles will be created over the next 12 months With plans to expand even more, the initial 25 jobs created by RouteMatch will add to its RMPay payment solutions technology services. All new roles are in software development.

Transit is needed by so many people today and, without it, many cannot get to their jobs, medical appointments or families,” said Larry Breen, head of RouteMatch’s Irish operation.

RouteMatch provides technologies to help transit companies manage their operations, as well as “engage” their drivers

The company’s software is used by fixed-scheduled transit services and demand-response transit services where door-to-door delivery is required. It currently services customers across North America and Australia, primarily through state and local government contracts

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No of jobs: 25
Job title: Software
Jobs take effect: next 12 months