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SAP Ireland

Address: 1012 – 1014 Kingswood Avenue. Citywest Business Campus. Dublin 24.

German software giant SAP is to create 150 new jobs in its Irish operations over the next 18 months, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of its establishment here.

The staff are housed in two offices in Dublin and Galway. Collectively, members of the team speak 47 languages and hail from almost 60 countries. Some of the 150 new jobs will be for areas such as IoT, machine learning and the public cloud.

Liam Ryan, MD of SAP Labs Ireland, said: “Twenty years is an exceptional milestone in the tech industry. SAP Labs Ireland is part of a 19-strong global network of SAP Labs and is at the centre of our R&D investment, focused on developing and improving SAP core products, allowing SAP to innovate, grow, and succeed.”

He added: “The 150 new positions are for graduates in computer science and engineering, maths and physics. We provide all the training but we’re looking for people with a very logical mind and a very good grasp of business processes. We’re confident that we’ll source the new staff in Ireland.”

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No of jobs: 150
Job title: IoT, machine learning and the public cloud.
Jobs take effect: next 18 months