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Address: Troy Studios, Castletroy, Limerick,

HUNDREDS of extras are needed for the big-budget sci fi television series Nightflyers that is filming at Troy Studios, a casting agent has confirmed.

The Netflix-bound show which has been commisioned for a full series is actively seeking “people from Limerick and the Mid-West” to fill roles as extras, according to Peter Dalton of, who confirmed to the Leader that the company was casting for the Troy based production.

We are delighted to be casting Nightflyers. It’s a really super opportunity for Limerick and Troy Studios so it’s a privilege to be a part of it. The interest has been phenomenal so far, we'll be casting hundreds of extras over the course of the series and we’re looking for people from Limerick and the Mid-West to fill the roles.

“Everyone that applies will be considered and filming is running until the summer so there will be lots of opportunities coming,” he added, noting that all roles will be paid.

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