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JobsWatch: Complete Laboratory Solutions (CLS)

Announced: October 11 2019

No of jobs: 100 total
Job title: 78 = CLS MedPharma = management of new and existing projects in microbiology and analytical analysis.
18 = CLS Ros Muc = environmental science graduates and food microbiologists.
4 = marketing, sales and finance.
Jobs take effect: Over the next two years.

About Complete Laboratory Solutions (CLS)

"CLS is Ireland’s leading provider of sampling, analysis and on-contract analysts to the food, environmental, pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Founded in 1994, CLS is renowned for delivering high-quality laboratory data, always on time and in the most customer-focused way."

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More Information

Address: CLS Medical Device & Pharma Testing,
Unit 3A,
Small Business Park,
Tuam Road,