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Accounting Technician Ireland

Address: Dublin 47/49 Pearse Street,
Dublin 2.

Employers in industry, practice and the public sector will hire up to 100 fledgling accountants from September this year, as part of Accounting Technicians Ireland’s ‘earn as you learn’ programme.

Hiring managers from a range of Dublin-based organisations committed to taking part in the programme at an event at ATI’s Dublin headquarters. They will pay a minimum of €17,797 a year over two years, as they mentor participants towards becoming fully qualified accounting technicians.

This year, the course will be delivered in Blackrock Further Education Institute, Rathmines College of Further Education, Bray Institute of Further Education, Monaghan Institute and Cork College of Commerce.

“We’re delighted to see such strong interest in our programme at this early stage of recruitment,” said Carole McCaughey, ATI’s business development manager, who introduced the programme to employers.

The Accounting Technician Praktikum is a practical route to accountancy, where Leaving Certificate students have the chance to get a job in industry, practice or the public sector.

Mature learners and existing employees who would like to work in finance are also eligible to apply.

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No of jobs: 100
Job title: Trainee Accountants
Jobs take effect: September 2017