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Nova Leah

Address: Dundalk Institute of Technology, Dublin Rd, Marshes Upper, Dundalk, Co. Louth

Dundalk start-up targets $51bn connected medical device market.Nova Leah, a recent Start-up of the Week, is to create 50 new jobs as the importance of securing medical equipment reaches new heights following recent cyberattacks.

A spokesman for the company said that 50 of the new roles include engineering and support, and will be Dundalk-based.

Founded by CEO Anita Finnegan, Nova Leah specialises in developing expert cybersecurity risk management systems specifically for medical devices.

The recent WannaCry ransomware attack on the UK’s NHS highlights the importance of cybersecurity in the health sector,” Finnegan explained.

“Today’s medical devices incorporate high levels of software and are connected across networks, online or wirelessly,” she added.

Nova Leah’s cloud-based system SelectEvidence is the result of a five-year R&D programme at Dundalk Institute of Technology.

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No of jobs: 50
Job title: engineering and support,
Jobs take effect: not stated