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INOU Out & About July to October

β€œThe INOU stand attracted considerable footfall with great interest shown in the organisations services and the annual publication,Working for Work.”


On the 3rd – 5th of July, 2019 Tom McMahon and Robbie Kelly from the Welfare Rights Section attended the Irish Congress of Trade Unions annual conference at Trinity College. This was a very busy 3 days with delegates from around the country in attendance for the annual flagship event. The INOU stand attracted considerable footfall with great interest shown in the organisations services and the annual publication, Working for Work.

Also in July, Robbie from the Welfare section gave two presentations on the 16th and 22nd at the Education and Training Board Training Centres at Loughlinstown and Ballymount on back to work supports to participants on a Warehousing/HGV driving course. The information was well received, particularly the module on self-employment via the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance scheme.


The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP) held a two day Activation Conference at the Printworks Dublin Castle on the 5th and 6th of September, 2019. The INOU, along with Aontas, NALA and NCBI were invited to host stands in the main reception area. The event was very well attended and over the two days the INOU had Robbert Lynch, the manager of the Welfare Rights Section, Conor Flynn, Tom McMahon and Robbie Kelly present to outline the services provided and to distribute copies of Working for Work, which proved to be very popular.

On the 12th of September Tom travelled to the Longford Arms Hotel to offer support and information to those attending an information event which was hosted by both the Longford EDI and Longford Resource Centre. The focus of the day was back to work and training options and a high number of attendees were young and in the early stages of their working lives or with families. The event was popular on the day with Tom noting the registration queue stretched from the ballroom at the back of the hotel, through the lobby and out on to the street.

On the day Tom allayed a number of concerns around returning to work and losing benefits by informing members of the public about Social Welfare supports such as the Working Family Payment and circumstances pertaining to the retention of the Medical Card. There was a significant number of people raising a family and considering work in the newly opened Centre Parks in Longford who found this information useful. Some attendees had previous or continuing issues relating to Social Welfare Appeals and Tom was able to inform them on the procedures of the Social Welfare Appeals process.

The event was also attended by a notable number of foreign nationals and immigrants who requested information related to Stamp 4, their right to work, their right to education and their Social Welfare entitlements. Tom took some of their contact details and on return to the Welfare Rights Section in Araby House contacted those who had requested information with a detailed breakdown of their entitlements to employment, training and social welfare.

Overall the day was deemed a great success by the organisers who stated that it was the best attended event of its kind in Longford they had seen.

A Customer Representative Forum was hosted by DEASP in Goldsmith House in Dublin on the 27th of September. The presentations provided an in depth look at changes and developments within the Department and included pieces on Social Inclusion, Auto Enrolment (Pensions) and the Homeless Person and Asylum Seekers Unit. Robbie Kelly attended on behalf of the INOU for what was a very informative morning.


The Local Employment Service in Newbridge requested a Social Welfare update from the INOU and Robbie Kelly from the Welfare Rights Section attended on the 4th of October. The topics covered included Back to Education Allowance, Working Family Payment, appeals and general Jobseekers information.

EmployAbility in conjunction with DEASP held an Information Fair at the offices of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission on the 10th of October. The event was specifically aimed at clients in receipt of an Invalidity/Disability payment and who wished to take up employment, be it full or part-time. The morning was well attended and Conor Flynn and Robbie Kelly from the INOU were kept busy with queries in relation to back to work supports/benefits.

Conor Flynn and Robbie Kelly gave a welfare information presentation 17th of October on Jobseekers, One Parent Family Payment, Working Family Payment etc. to a class participating on a Dress for Success course, which provides clothes, skills and development opportunities needed to secure employment and/or further training and education. The morning was very enjoyable and informative for both presenters and attendees alike and similar presentations are planned for the future.

Intreo/DEASP held a Jobs/Employment Fair at the Sheriff Youth Club in Dublin 1 on the 24th of October, 2019. The event gave attendees the opportunity to meet potential employers and learn about positions that may be available and to also talk to employment support services such as the INOU. Tom McMahon, Conor Flynn and Robbie Kelly from the Welfare Rights Section manned the INOU stand for what was an exceptionally busy event.