7,000+ increase in Live Register worst figures since '96

6 Jul 2001

Today's increase of 7,174 people on the Live Register is the worst figure for the May/June period in five years, and has been met with concern by the Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed. While the seasonally adjusted figure, which takes into account seasonal employment trends has fallen by 1,000 people, this figure also compares badly to recent years.

Tony Monks, INOU General Secretary said " While it is normal to see an increase in the unadjusted Live Register figures for the May/June period, today's increase is the worst since May June 1996. The figures show a 5% increase in the numbers on the Live Register in the last month.

" The seasonally adjusted fall of 1,000 people compares very badly with the last three years where the average fall in the May / June period has been 3,500 people".

" Many T.D.s are going home today to constituencies which continue to be hit badly by unemployment. Hopefully over the summer months they will listen to their constituents, and recognise the reality of unemployment in the towns and rural areas they represent.

"By the time the Dáil resumes in October the toll of manufacturing and IT job losses, and the effects of FMD will be very clear. Hopefully voters in constituencies hit by unemployment won't have to wait till the end of the summer to get commitments for action from their local T.D.s"

For further information contact:
Tony Monks, General Secretary
01 856 0088 / 087 249 6066
Noeleen Hartigan, Press Officer
01 856 0088