INOU critically accepts Sustaining Progress

14 Mar 2003

The delegates attending the Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed’s (INOU) Special Delegate Conference in Dublin on March 13th 2003 decided to critically accept the proposed new National Partnership Agreement, Sustaining Progress. Following a lengthy discussion, the majority of delegates voted in favour of a qualified acceptance of the Agreement.

‘Although the new Agreement offers no clear specific actions or resources to address the needs of the unemployed, we feel that the processes and mechanisms that the Agreement offers can be used effectively to address the issue of unemployment and poverty,’ said Mr Eric Conroy, General Secretary of the INOU

‘By accepting this Agreement, it enables us to place ongoing pressure on the Government to ensure the achievement of targets mentioned in Sustaining Progress, is realised. Of particular interest to us is the achievement of the NAPS targets to eliminate long-term unemployment by 2007 and to set the lowest social welfare rate at €150 (in 2002 terms) by 2007. Failure to make concrete moves towards the attainment of these targets raises questions on the Government’s commitment to the social partnership process,’ added Mr Conroy.