INOU Welcomes Employment of the Long term Unemployed

21 Nov 2005

The INOU welcomes the initiative of the KWCD Exchange in Dublin to organise work placements for the long-term unemployed and other groups distant from the labour market. The INOU has been constantly saying that we are nowhere near full employment when we have 28,000 people suffering the misery of being without a job for over 12 months. Therefore any initiative that helps to eliminate long term unemployment – a key National Anti-Poverty Strategy (NAPS) target (by 2007) - is most welcome at this time.

It is encouraging that employers are part of the programme to place long term unemployed in employment. There are many barriers to employing long term unemployed people and employer bias against them is one. This will help break this perception and show that the long term unemployed have much to offer prospective employers. This will lead to a win-win situation for the long term unemployed and employers. “The INOU wishes this KWCD Exchange venture every success and hopes that it will be replicated in other parts of the country where unemployment is high”, said Mr. Eric Conroy, General Secretary.