Live Register Figures Highest for Two Years

1 Sep 2006

The Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed is concerned at the upward trend in the Live Register in recent times. The unadjusted monthly total of 169,600 is the highest since August 2004. In addition, the figure for those under 25 stands at 33,700 and is also the highest since August 2004. “These figures are a worrying sign that unemployment is not under control, despite perceptions of a booming economy”, said Mr. Eric Conroy, General Secretary. “There is a very real danger that when the construction industry peaks, coupled with current significant interest rate increases (and general high inflation) and the end of the SSIA spending boom, we could be in for unemployment shocks in the near future”, he added.

Cumulative 2006 year-to-date redundancy figures (ex DETE) show that more people have been made redundant compared to the similar period in 2005. Redundancies in the manufacturing industry, particularly traditional manufacturing, remain very high. The new National Partnership Agreement, Towards 2016 includes an initiative to address the ongoing difficulties faced by the manufacturing sector. “It is very important that the Social Partners seriously tackle the issues that are having a significant impact on manufacturing employment in Ireland”, said Mr. Conroy.

The INOU has been constantly highlighting the poor unemployment rate among young people, and the current Live Register figures bear this out. Unemployment for those under 25 is consistently around twice the national average and must be addressed if we are to call ourselves a successful society. “We cannot allow our young people to get caught in a cycle of unemployment, that could lead to a life sentence of constant unemployment”, said Mr. Conroy. “We must eliminate early school leaving in Irish society, which is a major factor leading to youth unemployment”, he added.