Live Register figure highest since October 1999

1 Feb 2008

In the week that Allergan announced the closure of its plant in Arklow the rise in the Live Register continues unabated. The seasonally adjusted figure now stands at 179,400 the highest it has been since October 1999.

The impact of the slow down in the construction industry was evident in today's Live Register figures with the number of men signing on up by 6,400 in comparison to the number of women at 1,400.

While the seasonally unadjusted figure now stands at 181,449 the highest it has been since August 2003. Data for the regions is given on the unadjusted figures and this monthly increase of 11,073 was spread across all of the regions with the biggest increase in the Mid-East, the counties surrounding Dublin, at 8.5%

The Standardised Unemployment rate now stands at 4.9%. The last time the SUR was at this rate was in December 1999.