Action on Unemployment Required Now

1 Apr 2009

The INOU calls for urgent action to support unemployed people and people at risk of losing their job.

According to today's release from the Central Statistics Office there were 372,800 people on the seasonally adjusted Register for March 2009. This represents an increase of 20,000 on the February figure, and sees an average of 6,131 people joining the Live Register each week in 2009.

The Standardised Unemployment Rate is now 11% - a figure not seen since November 1996.

"Given the scale of the unemployment crisis facing the country, it is vital that the Government treats unemployment with the same degree of urgency as that given to the financial crisis", noted Bríd O'Brien, INOU Head of Policy and Media.

"The INOU, in its recent Pre Mini-Budget Submission has outlined a range of initiatives to address unemployment. Critical in this regard is the need to support unemployed people to deal with the issues they are now facing. Hitting unemployment payments is not the way to go and we are again calling on the Taoiseach and the relevant Ministers not to reduce unemployment payments or their duration in next week's budget", Bríd continued.

"Young people continue to be badly hit by the recession. The INOU is calling for a guaranteed employment related education or training place for every young unemployed person aged 21 or under. It is vital that Ireland avoids sowing the seeds of a generation of wasted talent by not seriously tackling this issue now", Bríd concluded.

The INOU's full mini budget submission is available on our website where we are also conducting an online campaign to highlight our key budget priorities in the lead up to the mini budget.

For further information contact:
Bríd O'Brien, INOU Head of Policy and Media: (01) 856 0088 or 086 608 9641