No Cuts in Welfare Payments

3 Apr 2009

At today's meeting of the National Executive Committee of the INOU members refuted all calls for cuts to social welfare payments in next Tuesday's budget.

Members are conscious that unemployed people in Local Authority accommodation are facing rent increases: so any decrease in social welfare payments will be a double whammy. While unemployed people in private rented accommodation in receipt of Rent Supplement are not enjoying rent decreases that others have successfully negotiated.

"What many commentators in the media and the financial services sector do not appreciate is that for many unemployed people managing poverty is a daily reality", noted Ann Fergus, Chairperson of the INOU. Ann continued, "Shopping around for either cheaper food or cheaper accommodation is often not feasible when a social welfare payment is your only source of income."

The INOU is calling on the Department of Social and Family Affairs and the HSE to guarantee that there will be no reductions in a person's Rent Supplement payment unless it is shown that the recipient's has enjoyed a decrease in their rent.

Check our website for the INOU's pre-mini-budget submission.


For further information contact:

Bríd O'Brien, INOU Head of Policy and Media: (01) 856 0088 or 086 608 9641