Live Register continues to rise

1 Jul 2009

The Live Register figures for June, issued by the Central Statistics Office, confirm the relentless increase in unemployment. The seasonally adjusted figure now stands at 413,500, an increase of 197,700 in the year from June 2008. The Standardised Unemployment Rate is now 11.9% or 413,500 people on the register. "The social and economic costs of these figures for unemployed people, their families and the country are huge" said John Stewart, Co-ordinator of the INOU.

The recently announced initiatives are a start but given the scale of the problem the Government must give a higher priority to resolving the unemployment crisis. It is crucial that unemployed people can see that the training and education programmes they are being encouraged to go on will improve their employment prospects and ultimately lead to a job. "There is an urgent need for an overall labour market plan and vision - people are getting increasingly anxious about their future job prospects and the recent reports about possible cuts in social welfare payments are further adding to these anxieties" John concluded


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