There is no room for complacency

4 Nov 2009

Today's drop in the Live Register by 3,000 is a welcome development however it is important that we establish why it has dropped. It would be very welcome if the register was dropping because people had found work or were participating on education and training courses that would secure them a better job in the future. "However, if the register is dropping because people are emigrating or have exhausted their Jobseekers Benefit payment and do not have an entitlement to Jobseekers Allowance then it is not a positive development," noted Bríd O'Brien, Head of Policy and Media with the INOU.

It must be remembered that as a society we have never had to deal with the numbers of people looking for work and on the Live Register as there are at present.

Yesterday's redundancy figures released by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment paint a different story as the figure for October, at 6,561, was higher than the previous three months. Four sectors accounted for over 85% of this figure and they were: other services; other manufacturing; building and civil engineering; transport and communication. At this rate of increase the redundancy figures for 2009 will be twice that of 2008: which in turn was almost 60% higher than the previous high of 25,769 in 2003.

In our pre-budget submission we noted that as the vision for the labour market is one of increasing technology, innovation and skills levels it is crucial that every effort is made to create access points for unemployed people and others distant from the labour market.

This requires building a more integrated and client centred employment service that actively strives to match the right person with the right opportunity, this is vital if we are to build a truly inclusive labour market. It is also important that these services are as accessible as possible to support unemployed people and others into employment.


For further information contact: Bríd O'Brien, Head of Policy and Media at 01 856 0088; 086 608 9641