Jobs Initative must make a real impact

5 May 2011

Today the Central Statistics Office released the Live Register figures for April 2011. The seasonally adjusted figure is down marginally on March and up slightly on April 2010 and stands at 439,200. "What is so striking about the Live Register graph for the past year is that it looks like a badly drawn straight line," said Bríd O'Brien, Head of Policy & Media. "It reminds me of the pre-crisis graph except there were almost 300,000 fewer people on the Live Register then", she continued. It is this gap which highlights the extent of the challenge facing the Government when it introduces its Jobs Initiative next Tuesday and the urgent need to invest additional and proper resources in addressing unemployment.
The INOU was critical of the previous Government's inability to treat the unemployment crisis with the same level of seriousness it was treating the banking crisis and the crisis in the public finances. The INOU is disappointed to hear the language of 'revenue neutral' being used by the current Government. The organisation sees this Jobs Initiative being but a start in getting people back to work and urges the Government to develop an Integrated Jobs Strategy that looks at all elements of the labour market and identifies where jobs can be maintained, developed and created.
A key element of the Programme for Government is public sector reform. For such reform to be meaningful for unemployed people it is vital that the proposed new National Employment and Entitlements Service strives to be a first class service meeting the needs of unemployed people. "This is particular important as long-term unemployment continues to rise that unemployed people are given proper income and other supports and their hopes for the future re-built," concluded Bríd.

To read the full INOU's Jobs Initiative Submission please click here.