Long-term unemployment increases by 24%

5 Oct 2011

Publication cover - Long TermToday the Central Statistics Office released the Live Register figures for September 2011. The seasonally unadjusted figure enjoyed its first annual decrease since April 2007. However, to put the scale of the challenge facing Ireland in perspective in April 2007 there were only 154,319 on the Live Register, while in September 2011 there were almost three times as many people, 437,441. Of particular concern is the on-going increase in long-term unemployment. There are now 183,399 people on the register for more than a year: an increase of 24% or 35,618 people. The numbers of people over 25 also increased, marginally to 356,571. Two occupation categories account for 40% of those unemployed: craft and related; plant and machine operatives. Given the dramatic fall in construction activity and a recent contraction in manufacturing output significant numbers of unemployed people will need to re-train and re-educate themselves if they are to get back to work. The INOU remains concerned that the scale of governmental responses to date has been too piecemeal and too small. It is absolutely critical that frontline services are fully aware of all initiatives and are informing unemployed people of their full range of options including local employment opportunities. This is not happening systematically as it should.