Long-term unemployment up 16.4%

5 Jan 2012

Publication cover - Long term unemployedThe Central Statistics Office released the Live Register figures for December 2011 today. The seasonally adjusted LR now stands at 443,200 a marginal decrease on the same month last year. However, it should be noted the register has moved up and down over the past year which saw its lowest point in February (441,400) and its highest in August (448,600). The Standardised Unemployment Rate for 2011 was 14.2%, an increase of .5% over 2010.
Of particular concern is the number of people who have been on the Live Register for more than a year: that figure saw an increase of 16.4% in 2011 to 180,798 people. Research has shown that the longer someone is unemployed the harder it is for them to get back to work. It is absolutely critical that the Government strives to give unemployed people real hope of securing paid employment. However, the stark reality is that Ireland will not see neither significant nor sufficient growth in employment for the foreseeable future.
Bigger and bolder measures are required and as a part of this it is essential that the social welfare system becomes more flexible and facilitates unemployed people to take up part-time and piece-meal work. As such work is unpredictable it is vital that the transition between welfare and work is as seamless as possible. "This in turn would facilitate unemployed people to develop and maintain their links with the labour market and get back to work quicker," noted the INOU spokesperson.