Long-term unemployment continues to rise

29 Feb 2012

Publication cover - LONGThe Central Statistics Office released the Live Register figures for February 2012 today. On a seasonally adjusted basis there was a decrease of 1,800 on the Live Register in February. The seasonally adjusted Live Register (LR) now stands at 438,300. The standardised unemployment rate for February remains unchanged at 14.2%.

"This reduction follows on from reductions in the register for both December and January. If these reductions are as a result of people taking up work here in Ireland then this would be a very positive development. However, its more likely that the figures are simply a reflection of the reality that very significant numbers of people, particularly young people, have given up hope of finding a job in Ireland and have decided to emigrate" noted John Stewart, INOU Co-ordinator.

"The number of people who have been on the Live Register for more than a year now stands at almost 185,000. In the recently announced Pathways to Work Initiative, the Government has set itself a target of getting 75,000 people who are currently long-term unemployed back to work and to reduce the average time spent on the live register from 21 months to less than 12 months by the end of 2015.

In order to achieve this objective, it is absolutely vital that state supports and services for unemployed people are properly resourced and developed. The Pathways to Work Initiative must ensure that unemployed people are supported and given a genuine pathway back to work. Of particular concern, however, is the lack of specific actions to support long-term unemployed people in the initiative given the targets set out in the document" John concluded.