Ulster Bank Technical Issue

3 Jul 2012

Ulster Bank has experienced a technical issue which has resulted in a delay in the processing of certain payments.

Ulster Bank have advised that they continue to work around the clock to clear the backlog of payments caused by the RBS Group wide IT issue and believe they are making progress. They hope to restore a full service as soon as possible.

Unfortunately this issue with Ulster Bank's systems has affected some customers who recive Social Welfare payments from the Department of Social Protection through their Ulster Bank accounts. Only those customers whose weekly or monthly social welfare payment is normally lodged to an Ulster Bank account are involved.

Ulster Bank has apologised once again to their customers and have thanked them for their continued patience. They have advised that no customer, including customers of other banks, will be out of pocket as a result of this issue. They are continuing to assist customers who have experienced delays in receiving salary or social welfare benefits and have flexible local arrangements in place in their branches.

Should a customer be unable to get to their local branch through the usual methods, they have urged them to contact their branch or phone to the number listed below and they will provide assistance.

To assist customers who cannot get to a branch during working hours approximately 50 Ulster Bank branches will have extended opening hours from 9.30 am to 7pm until Friday 6 July

Customers experiencing problems are advised to contact them on the 1800 205100.

For further information please see the "Ulster Bank Service Update" on their website.

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