Jobseekers Online Holiday Application Form

4 Jul 2012

Under current legislation, Jobseeker's are entitled to two weeks holidays in each calendar year (twelve days not including Sundays), where they are not required to be available for or looking for work.

This 'holiday period' can be used to accommodate holidays and other necessary absences from the State without breaking the continuity of your Jobseeker's payment.

To apply:

  • You must give a minimum of 10 days notice
  • You cannot apply more than 21 days in advance
  • No payment will be available during this holiday period.
  • Arrears for this period will be included in your next payment date after your return.

Customers of certain Social Welfare Local Offices can now apply for holidays online - click here for a list of Social Welfare Offices

Confirmation of whether holidays have been approved and information regarding your next signing and payment date(s) will be sent out to you in the post.

If you are absent from the State for more than the twelve day 'holiday' period, you will not receive any Jobseekers payment for those additional days over the 12 day holiday period.

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