Long Term Unemployment is Climbing Again

3 Jul 2013

According to today's release from the Central Statistics Office the unadjusted Live Register now stands at 435,357, an annual decrease of 3.7%. This would be welcome news if all those who have left the Register had secured paid employment. However, emigration, a return to education, or a failure to secure a means tested payment have also impacted on this decline.

Of particular concern to the INOU is the monthly increase of 2.9% in people who have been on the Register for more than a year. This figure now stands at 197,508 people. Another striking feature of this figure is that 87% are aged over 25 years.

At an European level there has been a lot of welcome debate about how best to address youth unemployment. Youth unemployment rates are particularly high and their employment rates are strikingly low in comparison to older age groups.

However, it is important that the unemployment challenge facing so many older people is not lost sight of: which is particularly pertinent when one considers that the longer one is unemployed and the older one is the harder it is to secure employment.

The creation of decent jobs is the most productive activation measure that Ireland and Europe can undertake. In the meantime the provision of quality education, training and employment programmes can help unemployed people to develop and maintain their skills.

However, the INOU remains deeply concerned that there is insufficient investment to realise job creation; that there is insufficient provision of good schemes; and that engagement with unemployed people is not as constructive as it should be if Ireland is serious about addressing the unemployment crisis.