Live Register maybe on the way down but.....

31 Oct 2013

According to today's release from the Central Statistics Office there are now less than 400,000 people on the seasonally unadjusted Live Register. It is four and a half years since the Register was at this level. While welcoming this development, the INOU is keenly aware that the drop is arising for a number of reasons.
"We know from feedback from our members and users of our services that there are people who are not making the transition from Jobseekers Benefit to Jobseekers Allowance," noted John Stewart, INOU Co-ordinator.
He continued "These people have become the invisible unemployed, unable to access services and supports to address their unemployment because they are not in receipt of a payment." It is critically important that with the significant changes in social protection, employment, education and training support services underway, that sight is not lost of this group.
The impact of emigration is also an important factor influenced not only, as recent research on youth emigration has highlighted, by the lack of sufficient job opportunities but by the poor future prospects to the employment that is available. It is imperative for Ireland's recovery and development that we all strive for the creation of decent jobs and that the correct education and training supports are put in place to ensure unemployed people can access these jobs.
To ensure that more unemployed people exit the Live Register through securing employment it is imperative that the Department of Social Protection properly promote their employment supports. "As we enter the pre-Christmas retail season, it is critical that Social Protection inform unemployed people of their Fast Track system that is designed to facilitate unemployed people to take-up short-term employment opportunities without the negative implications of breaking their jobseekers claim" John concluded.

Information Note

The Department of Social Protection operates a fast-tracking system for customers who sign-off to take up work for a short period of up to 8 weeks. If an unemployed jobseeker has been offered full time employment, including work for 4 days or more per week, for up to 4 weeks he /she will not qualify for a Jobseeker's payment for this period but may benefit from the Fast Track process. The Fast Track system allows her / him to sign back on to their claim without the need to go through the process as a new claimant and ensure that their original Jobseeker's payment is re-instated without delay. To avail of the Fast Track process he / she must inform the local Social Welfare Office/Intreo Centre in advance that they are taking up work.