Action on Jobs

30 Jan 2015

Action on Jobs

Yesterday (Thursday), the Government published the Action Plan for Jobs 2015. The Plan is the fourth annual plan in a multi-year process which started in early 2012. The Plan sets out 382 actions to be taken across 16 Government Departments and 60 State Agencies during 2015 to support job-creation. 

The key measures to be delivered through the Action Plan include rolling out Regional Enterprise Strategies; new measures to support targets for job-creation by start-ups; reducing red tape on businesses; plans for a National Talent Drive; measures to make Ireland a European leader for intellectual property activities by business; targets for job creation in exporting companies; increasing awareness among business of Government supports available to help them and an increased focus on job-creation in the domestic economy, including measures to support the retail, construction and agriculture sectors.

 Collectively these measures have the potential to deliver positive outcomes for people who are unemployed. The regional focus of the plan is welcomed – however significantly greater levels of investment will be need if jobs are to be created in the numbers that are required to provide real opportunities for unemployed people living outside of the main urban centres. Every job is a welcomed job and the job creation that has occurred over the last 18 months has benefitted unemployed people who have been able to access those positions. It is critically important, however, that the focus of job creation be as broad and varied as possible given the range of skills, qualifications and previous occupations of people on the Live Register. The success of the Action Plans for Jobs should be measured not only against  the number of jobs created over the period of the Plans but also by the extent to which unemployed people, and particularly people who are long-term unemployed, have been able to get these jobs.

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