Unemployment is still an issue for far too many people

4 Feb 2015

The fall in Live Register continues in January as today’s Live Register figures point to a slow but on-going improvement in the labour market. In January, the seasonally adjusted unemployment figure was 360,000 giving a standardised unemployment rate of 10.5%.  The Register fell by 3,600 in the month to the end of January and 40,958 in the last year. Long-term unemployment stands at 164,844 which shows little change from the December figure but in the last year the number has fallen by 16,482.   

 This on-going decrease is to be welcomed as is the positive developments on new job creation. The regional focus of the 2015 Action Plan for Jobs is important to ensure that the State achieves balanced regional development. 

 “Notwithstanding the more positive outlook, unemployment is still an issue for far too many people,” noted John Stewart INOU Coordinator.With 360,000 on the Live Register and over 164,000 people long-term unemployed there is no room for complacency,” he continued.  It is critical that people on the Live Register continue to be supported to access jobs. “Effective working between the DSP Intreo Service and employers is absolutely crucial as is the need for a sophisticated job matching system that ensures a good fit between the unemployed person and the job,” John concluded.