Brid O'Brien talks to KFM Radio about restoring the Christmas Bonus

23 Jun 2016

              Brid O'Brien - Senior Policy Officer INOU


Brid O'Brien, Head of Media and Policy with the Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed spoke to KFM kildare radio this morning about restoring fully the Christmas Bonus 

This was one of the topics raised at the INOU Annuall Delegale Conference, in Wynn's Hotel on May 25th, 2016. A motion was proprosed to address this issue urgently and accepted 

John Stewart, INOU Co-ordinator, recently met with Minister Leo Varadkar and raised the issue of restoring fully the Christmas Bonus. 

Leo Varadkar has been Minister for Social Protection since May 2016

THE CHRISTMAS BONUS has been partially restored but not fully

The once-off bonus was abolished by the Fianna Fáil government in 2009, in the midst of the financial crisis.

KFM Kildare