"188 euro is not enough" & reinstate the Christmas Bonus " Ann Fergus Launch of #WfW2

3 Aug 2016

In her remarks welcoming the publication, the INOU’s Chairperson, Ann Fergus urged Minister Leo Varadkar and the Government to give additional income supports to unemployed people and other social welfare recipients. “At the very least the Christmas Bonus should be fully restored and unemployed people should be able to gain access to it when they are twelve months unemployed,” Ann said.

Ann also noted the difficulties facing unemployed people who come to the end of their Social Insurance Jobseekers Benefit (JB) payments, but, arising from their family circumstances, do not make the transition to the means-tested Jobseekers Allowance payment. Ann called on the Minister “to provide additional supports to these unemployed people by increasing the duration on JB by three months” and “ to ensure that all unemployed people, regardless of the nature of their payment, can access employment services and supports

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