July 2016 Unemployment Figures

5 Aug 2016

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has published the Live Register figures for July 2016. The figures show that, on a seasonally adjusted basis, there were 300,300 people on the Register which is a reduction of 5,100 in the month and over 44,000 in the year. The figures show that there were 141,981 people unemployed for a year or more. The figures also point to the continued reduction in the numbers of people aged under 25 on the Register – the figure has dropped by 10,446 in the last year.

Notwithstanding the very positive increase in the number of construction related job opportunities in some areas, there are still over 100, 000 people unemployed whose previous occupation is listed as craft and related and plant and machine operatives.

The CSO also recently published the Monthly Unemployment figures for July 2016. These figures are based on the most recent Quarterly National Household Survey and changes in the Live Register. According to the figures, there were 169,100 people unemployed giving a monthly unemployment rate of 7.8%, which is unchanged from June 2016 but a reduction of 1.4% or 29,800 in the last year.

Overall, the figures generally reflect the on-going improvement in the labour market. However, unemployment has not been resolved. Behind these statistics are individuals and their families who rely on the state both to provide income support whilst they are unemployed and also, critically,  key employment services and supports to assist them to get back to work. In our Pre-Budget Submission, the INOU has called on the Government to begin to restore unemployment payments to the pre-crisis level and also to ensure the provision of quality employment and supports services.

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