August Unemployment Figures

2 Sep 2016

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has published the Live Register figures for August 2016. The figures show that, on a seasonally adjusted basis, there were 299,200 people on the Register which is a reduction of 1,800 in the month and over 42,500 in the year. The figures also show a decrease in the numbers who are long-term unemployed to 140,346, down 23,923 in the year.

The CSO also recently published the Monthly Unemployment figures for August. These figures are based on the most recent Quarterly National Household Survey and changes in the Live Register. According to the figures, there were 181,600 people unemployed giving a monthly unemployment rate of 8.3%, which is unchanged from July 2016 but a reduction of 0.8% or 15,400 when compared with August 2015.
The continuing fall in unemployment is to be welcomed. However, the country has a long way to go to achieve the historically low levels of unemployment and high levels of employment experienced prior to the economic downturn. The INOU, in our Submission to the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, on the 2017 Action Plan for Jobs, has called for the development of an integrated, inter-departmental and inter-agency approach to local and regional large scale job announcements with a view to ensuring that the maximum possible number of unemployed people get these jobs.

The involvement of and getting buy in from the enterprise (s) creating these employment opportunities from the outset is critical we believe. Elements of an integrated approach would include very early engagement with the company that announced the jobs with a view to gathering information on the nature of the positions to be filled, including clarification on the skills, experience and competencies criteria required to successfully do the jobs and also the recruitment process to be used for filling the positions. This in turn should inform the work of the local employment services (Intreo/LES/JobPath/Employability Services) and education and training providers with a view to ensuring that unemployed people are supported to access these positions.

The INOU recommends that this approach be adopted response to the very welcome job creation arising from the Center Parcs development in Longford and in other areas where large scale job announcements have been made.

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