INOU Submission to the 2018 Action Plan For Jobs

23 Aug 2017

INOU Submission to the 2018 Action Plan For Jobs

 The Action Plan for Jobs is a whole-of-Government initiative under which all Government Departments and Agencies work together to deliver on agreed action points for each year. Since the inception of this initiative, the INOU, together with a range of other representative organisations, has been invited to make Submissions in relation to the Annual Action Plans and to meet with the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation and senior Departmental officials to discuss priorities in areas relating to employment, unemployment, education and training.

 The INOU has drawn up a comprehensive Submission in relation to the 2018 Action Plan for Jobs. In the Submission, we outline a range of recommendations and proposals in relation to:

  • Brexit
  • The need for pro-active engagement and supports for unemployed people
  • The need for an integrated response to large-scale local and regional job announcements
  • Back to Work Enterprise Supports
  • Eco Tourism
  • Artisan/Craft Food and Beverages
  • Sustainable and Renewable Energy
  • Education and Training

 The full Submission can be viewed here …