Increases across all schemes

10 Apr 2018

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Social Welfare increase from end of March 2018.

Social welfare recipients will begin to receive an increase in their weekly welfare payments, provided for in Budget 2018 with all increases being in place by Friday, 30th March.

In total, some 1.3 million social welfare recipients and a further 560,000 dependants will benefit from the increases. 

There will be €5 increase in the maximum rate of all weekly payments for pensioners, lone parents, jobseekers, carers, people with disabilities, widows, and people on employment programmes.

Younger jobseekers aged 26 or younger who are on reduced rates will receive the full €5 increase.

Effective Date:  increases in weekly rates/Budget 2018

           Payment Type                             Date

Jobseeker’s Allowance            21st March 2018   
Farm Assist 
Pre-Retirement Allowance 
Jobseeker’s Benefit22nd March 2018
Illness Benefit 
Injury Benefit26th March 2018
Maternity/Adoptive Benefit 
Paternity Benefit 
Health and Safety Benefit 
Supplementary Welfare Allowance 
Disability Allowance28th March 2018
Invalidity Pension 
Deserted Wife's Benefit

29th March 2018

Deserted Wife's Allowance 
One Parent Family Payment (Other than a Widow/er) 
Jobseeker’s Transitional Payment 
Carer's Allowance 
Carer's Benefit 
Working Family Payment (previously Family Income Supplement) 
Disablement Pension30th March 2018
Disablement Gratuity
Incapacity Supplement
Death Benefit Pension (under the OIB scheme) 
State Pension (Contributory) 
Widow/er's (Contributory) Pension 
Guardian’s Payment (Contributory) 
State Pension (Non-Contributory) 
Blind Person's Pension 
Widow/er's (Non-Contributory) Pension 
One-Parent-Family-Payment (in the case of a Widow/er) 
Guardian’s Payment (Non-Contributory) 

Please note: Employment Programmes will receive the increase from the same date as their underlying primary payment.

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