Minister Regina Doherty launches the 25th edition of “Working for Work”

13 Sep 2018

On September 13th 2018 Ann Fergus, Chairperson of the Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed welcomed Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection Regina Doherty TD, to Araby House, the INOU’s office in Dublin’s north inner city. The Minister was in the INOU to launch the 25th edition of the INOU’s flagstone publication Working for Work’.

The INOU’s Chairperson, Ann Fergus noted that Working for Work’ is a proven indispensable source of information for unemployed people, employers, and front-line staff both in the state and community sector”. She continued “It is the only publication that brings together the range of supports available for unemployed people trying to manage their daily lives, while at the same time offering them advice on their work, education or training options.”

In welcoming the Minister to Araby House, Ann said “that it would be important to build on the welcome increases in the last two Budgets and to ensure that all social welfare rates lift people above the poverty line”.

The INOU was delighted to welcome back, Mike Allen, Head of Advocacy, Focus Ireland, who was the INOU General Secretary when the first edition of Working for Work was published. As Mike noted “’Working for Work’” is important in many respects. One of the ways it is important is that it is a wonderful example of what can be achieved by collaboration between Government Departments and a voluntary organisation. Obviously, without the information and co-operation of all the Government Departments and agencies the INOU could not produce the book, but crucially through their interaction with the INOU they are able to deliver something which none of them could deliver on their own. ‘Working for Work’ provides a comprehensive and comprehensible link between the citizen and the supports available to her. Very often the citizen is vulnerable and distressed, almost always the support schemes are complex and interwoven. For a quarter of a century, through good times and bad times, Working for Work has provided and invaluable road map for that citizen in need of those services.”

And Mike continued “Like all valuable things, ‘Working for Work’ did not come easily. There have been many challenges over the years. Given the range of agencies, each with its own purpose and timescale, that is inevitable. But year after year – before social partnership, through social partnership, in recession and now in a labour market which offers once-in-a-generation opportunities for people who have been marginalised – ‘Working for Work’ has come out on time and with enviable clarity. There is much that other Government Departments and Agencies working with vulnerable people could learn from the story of ‘Working for Work’.”

John Stewart, INOU Co-ordinator, noted that “notwithstanding the greatly improved labour market, there is still a clear need for the provision of good quality employment services and guidance to support unemployed people to access a decent job and, if required, appropriate education and training supports”.


To view the PDF version of the book, please CLICK HERE