September’s Live Register Figures

18 Sep 2018

On October 4th, 2018 the Central Statistics Office (CSO) published the Live Register figures for September. The seasonally adjusted figure was 212,600, in September 2017 it stood at 250,900.

42% of the Register, or 86,406 people, have been on it for more than a year, 18,993 fewer people than in September 2017. The last time this figure was below 90,000 was October, 2009, when it was 87,414.

Young people, aged under 25 years account for 6.9% of those on the Register for more than a year. The age group with the highest percentage are those aged 35-44 years, at 21.1%. Looking at these figures from a gender perspective, women account for 41% and men 59%. Looking at the figures from a combination of age and gender, the largest group are men aged 35-44 years, at 12.9% of the Register.

Of the people who have been on the Register for more than a year, 49,486 people have been on it for three years or more: accounting for 57.3% of those on the Register for more than a year; and 24% of the whole Register.

Looking at this figure from the perspective of age and gender, men aged 45-54 years are the largest group, accounting for 13.4%. Looking at it from a scheme perspective, Jobseekers Allowance applications account for 73%, and Other Registrants account for 27%. 

According to the Annex Table there were 48,339 people participating on Activation Programmes in August 2018, 2,726 fewer participants than in the same month last year. Community Employment accounted for 44.3% of this figure, with 21,414 participants. The next biggest scheme is the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance with 7,976 participants, followed by Tús with 6,495. Overall on employment programmes there were 4,081 fewer participants than in August 2017. According to this Table there were 1,355 more participants on education and training programmes, however the ‘Full-time training for unemployment people’ figure has remained unchanged since December 2017, and so this figure may not reflect the reality on the ground.