June 2019, Live Register Figures

4 Jul 2019


On July 4th, 2019 the Central Statistics Office (CSO) published the Live Register figures for June, 2019. The seasonally adjusted register figure for June was 190,100, the lowest recorded since February 2008. The unadjusted figure was 197,108, a decline of 30,957 people on the same month last year.

39.2% of the Live Register, or 77,192 people, have been on it for more than a year: 17,586 fewer people than in June, 2018. Young people, aged under 25 years account for 7% of those on the Register for more than a year. The age group with the highest share of this part of the Register are those aged 35-44 years, with 16,176 people. Looking at these figures from a gender perspective, women account for 41% and men 59%. Looking at the figures from a combination of age and gender, the largest group are men aged 25-34 years, accounting for 13% of this part of the Register.

Of the people who have been on the Register for more than a year, 43,079 people have been on it for three years or more, which represents 55.8% of those on the Register for more than a year, and 21.9% of the whole Register. Looking at this figure from the perspective of age, people aged 60-64 years are the biggest group, with 10,615 people in this age range. Looking at it from the perspective of age and gender, men aged 35-44 years are the largest group, accounting for 13.1% of this part of the Register.

According to the Annex Table there were 45,220 people participating on Activation Programmes in May, 2019: 7,373 fewer participants then in the same month in 2018. Over the year, participation on education and training programmes fell by 3,742 participants to 11,695. There were 33,525 participants on employment programmes, 3,631 fewer people than in May 2018. Participation on the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance dropped by 36.7% to 5,250 people, which accounts for 84% of the decrease in employment programmes. Community Employment, with 21,505 participants, remains the largest of the activation programmes.  

Equality and Discrimination

Today the CSO also published Equality and Discrimination Quarter 1 2019 and noted that “Nearly 18% of people aged 18 years or over said that they felt discriminated against in the two years prior to interview”. And even though unemployment is not covered per se by the grounds in Ireland’s equality legislation, 30.2% identified their unemployment as the reason for the discrimination they experienced. Under the heading ‘Persons who experienced Workplace discrimination were predominantly from the following groups’, the unemployed were the largest group: 24.6%. And under the heading ‘Persons most at risk of experiencing discrimination when Accessing services were from the following groups’ the unemployed were the sixth largest group at 17.4%.