What makes Building Futures successful?

A number of factors contribute to the success of the programme

  • There is a great dynamic developed within the group.
  • Focus on peer support.
  • Excellent, dedicated and informed Tutors.
  • The programme is effectively managed.  
  • Range of supports provided.
  • Diversity within the group.


"This course has given me the tools and qualifications I needed to build my future". Jennifer

"I received wonderful encouragement and guidance in helping me to recognise my own skills and abilities" Michelle

"With this course I can see light at the end of the tunnel...and its not a train coming in the opposite direction" Robert

"I found it hard going at times but the transformational learning and skills gained was worth the effort" Erinna

"I enjoyed the modules that Building Futures provide and meeting the tutors who did help us a lot throughout the course" Christine

"I would highly recommend the course as it brought me to work in a field I would never have imagined myself in" Margaret