Information, Advice and Advocacy

Araby House2

Venue: Araby House, 8 North Richmond Street, Dublin 1

Date: Started June 7th and 8th 2018

Duration: 2 Days a month over a 6 month period

Cost for the full course is €500

Full training dates are:

June 7th, 8th

June 28th, 29th

July 19th, 20th

Aug 9th, 10th

Aug 30th, 31st

Sep 20th, 21st

This QQI Level 6 course will equip those who are considering Information provision and/or Advocacy as a career option with the skills, knowledge and confidence to become autonomous information and advocacy workers.

By the end of the programme, learners will have developed a broad knowledge of different advocacy methods and types. How to identify relevant supports and provide impartial information and advice.

Learners will also develop a range of life skills including self-confidence, self-awareness, problem solving, time and boundary management. Learners will identify the key strengths needed to bring to the role of information and advocacy provision.