Terms and Conditions

Please Note

  • Training must be booked a minimum of two weeks prior to commencement of the training
  • Places on courses are limited to a maximum of two participants per organisation
  • In the event of there being extra demand, the INOU will endeavour to arrange an additional training day(s) in respect of the programme in question
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances arising, the INOU reserves the right to reschedule a training programme to a later date.
  • Booking Forms must be filled in by clearly stating the Title and date(s) of the Course and the Participant's name together with her/his role in the organisation.

Course fees are refundable subject to seven days notice being given of cancellation.

  • Late cancellations should, where possible, be notified at least two days prior to the training event
  • The Booking and Payment for places at a Training Event does not guarantee places at that event. Refunds will be given in the event of a course being oversubscribed where it results in a reduced number of participants being able to attend from any one organisation
  • The INOU will normally charge for the number of people booked on a course and not for the number of people who actually attend.
  • The minimum number of participants required to run a training event is normally 8 with a (flexible) maximum of approximately 15.

The INOU will provide lunch on the day of the training event.