Making a Complaint about state services

All state agencies are committed to the provision and delivery of high quality customer focused services. However, they do recognise that mistakes, misunderstandings and delays can occur.

If you are not satisfied with a service provided to you by a state agency such as the Department of Social Protection or Health Service Executive (HSE), you have the right to complain.

Most agencies have a Customer Services section that will respond to any complaints, comments, feedback, suggestions or ideas.

As part of their Customer Charter they are committed to dealing with your complaint quickly, fairly and in confidence.

If you would like further information about the Complaints process or you would like help in making a complaint, please contact the INOU directly or one of our network of Welfare Rights providing affiliates (Click here) around the country.

Department of Social Protection

*View the Online Welfare Services Comment Card (fill in on screen) here

*This is an opportunity for you to give feedback on the services provided by the Department's Public Offices. You have the option to request that you receive a reply to your comments.This can be done by telephone number, e-mail address or sending you a written reply.


View the Comments and Complaints information here

Last Updated: 08/12/2016