Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS)

The Rental Accommodation Scheme, introduced last year, is for long-term rent allowance recipients (over 18 months), who need long-term housing. It is being run by the Local Authorities to provide additional, good quality rented accommodation for people receiving rent supplement.

Under the RAS the Local Authority identifies suitable accommodation and pays rent to the landlord directly. Tenants still contribute to the rent, but pay it to the Local Authority, not the landlord. Tenants whose landlords sign up to the scheme are allowed to remain in their current accommodation.

To qualify for RAS you will have been receiving rent allowance for at least 18 months, and will have been assessed by the Local Authority to have a long-term housing need (people with short-term needs will continue to receive rent supplement).

This scheme is intended to provide long-term housing security for tenants, and improve the quality and standards of private rented accommodation. Increases in income from employment are treated in a similar way to the Local Authority Diferential Rents scheme.

The RAS does not apply to:

  • Asylum seekers;
  • Non-nationals who do not have leave to remain in the State permanently, or
  • People receiving rent supplement under schemes such as the BTWA scheme.

For more information on the Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS) please contact the INOU by phone on 01-8560088 or by e-mail here

Last Updated: 08/03/2018