Supplementary Welfare Allowance Appeals

If you have been refused a payment you have the right to appeal that decision.

Please note: You cannot take an appeal to Social Welfare Appeals office for either Exceptional Needs Payments or Urgent Needs Payments.

There are generally four steps that you can take. You can appeal:

  • Directly to the Community Welfare Officer (CWO) who made the decision, then the
  • Superintendent Community Welfare Officer (CWO) who can review the Community Welfare Officers (CWO's) decision, then the
  • Health Board Appeals Office, and finally
  • The Social Welfare Appeals Office

At each stage you should appeal a decision as soon as possible after the initial decision has been made.

If new evidence becomes available after the appeal, you can ask for the case to be reviewed. Even if the result of the appeal goes against you, you are still entitled to re-apply for the payment.

If you wish to make an appeal please contact the INOU on 01-8560088 or by e-mail to for more information.

Last Updated: 08/03/2018